Video tape transfer service  Personalised keepsake DVDs and  HDD / SD

Video Tapes Such as VHS, VHS-C, Hi8 and Mini DV can be converted to a playable DVD with precise chapters meaning that the chapters are manually selected for example speeches, cutting the cake or the 1st dance at a wedding rather than just 10 minute intervals .

At CreateDVDs4U you don't get charged per tape but per DVD but  you receive.

As an additional service all your tapes go through an initial clean up to help deliver your videos in the best quality.  

These processes are carried out generically across the tape and on anything that particularly  jumps out and not focused on every individual instance and some areas may be missed.

White balance



WHITE BALANCE is part of the video camera that sets the colours correctly and unless you set the white balance up on every scene variations in colour will be seen from one location to another. Although modern cameras are pretty good at maintaining good colour the older camera needed a little more care to maintain consistent colour.  You may have noticed it your self when taking photos on your mobile phone and some images a blue in colour and some are very yellow

Contrast / Colour / Sharpness



VIDEO LEVELS are different on modern day digital video to the old analogue tapes on VHS and can benefit from a little boost in this area  

Sound Enhancements and noise removal

SOUND RECORDINGS were pretty poor as most of the old video tapes were done at home with early camcorders.  There was a lot of camera noise like the focus and tape motor buzzing all the while in the background. The old equipment used to be mono before the days of NICAM STEREO so just the left hand audio channel was used. And one last thing when the scenes go from inside to out like in a fair ground or near a road the sound levels get a lot higher.

When you get your tapes back all this has been addressed meaning you can enjoy your old 80’s video in great digital sound.

EQ, Compressors and noise reduction software are used together to maximise your sound


BRONZE build DVDs are a simply straight copy of your tape with no editing containing just one video tape with the enhancements listed above.

The DVD is supplied in a clear CD jewel case with DVD direct printed image.


SILVER build DVDs are a more price effective way of using muliple tape formats on one DVD especially if your tapes only have 20mins or so on:  


BRONZE PLUS build DVDs are simply the Silver DVD content but without the packaging artwork and printing and is just supplied in a clear CD Jewel case


Sometimes your tape is stuck inside your camcorder and you cant get it out, or even worse the tape is damaged and is unplayable.

Well good news the tapes can be attempted to be removed and repaired before being transferred onto DVD


If you have a lot of footage and just want the highlights and put on to one DVD then a full editing service is offered to supply the perfect keepsake product

Although Createdvds4U take the up most care of your valuable memories, due to the nature and age of your tapes Createdvds4u  cannot be responsible for any damaged tapes or damaging any media during playback or  otherwise while in their procession.

Createdvds4u cannot guarantee both sound and picture quality and will not be responsible for any dissatisfaction



Tracking lines removed



TRACKING LINES are those irritating noisy lines at the bottom of the picture which are caused by old tapes which have become stretched or worn and cant be fully fixed by the players internal tracking system